Exhibition view - Diploma exhibition - June 2017


M. and R. have been living in Switzerland since autumn 2015. Since one and a half year they have Permit N, which stands for asylum seekers. They had their first interview a while ago and are now waiting for the second interview.  They are not allowed to work in Switzerland without an authorisation to take up residence. They are learning German, uncertain if they can stay.



Hier (engl. here) is a body of work, that was realised in collaboration with two refugees living in Zurich. The outcome is an installation, which was presented in the context of the Diploma exhibition of the Zurich University of the Arts in June, 2017. Hier outlines isolation and anonymity, in which refugees in Switzerland are living in. The daily life of their homeland is not relevant anymore, being a refugee seems to become the most important part of their identity.

The installation is consists of 3 parts: The container, the text attached to the door and the video, shown inside the container. The video shows the favourite places of the refugees in Zurich and they speak in German about family, friends and the daily life they had in their homeland.